NORTH HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — The Animal Haven in North Haven is in desperate need of donations. The no-kill animal shelter said it’s never been this full or overwhelmed as it’s taken in a staggering number of surrendered and abandoned animals.

The Animal Haven is in need of more necessities to take care of the additional cats and dogs in their care.

On Sunday, the shelter staff pleaded to the public asking for help to stock their shelves full of food and cleaning supplies.

“On our Facebook page for Animal Haven, we have a list of all the stuff we need. Monetary donations would be great. Any food is great. Anything is great. We have a lot of bottle feeds right now, so we need KMR milk. We need wet dog food, wet cat food, dry cat food, cleaning supplies. Anything on our wish list is what we really need,” said Michelle DeRosa, manager of the Animal Haven.

Well, here’s some good news—our News 8 camera was there as Amazon was delivering 90 boxes of supplies! With the number of pets, their supplies dwindle faster, so if you would like to help, check out their wish list on their Facebook page.