ANSONIA, Conn. (WTNH)–The town of Ansonia received a beautiful gift, as Church of The Assumption had their ceilings painted by artist Paul Armesto, creating a mini-Sistine Chapel and leaving many people speechless.

“If I had to describe it in one word: beautiful. Two words? Incredibly beautiful,” said Father Sullivan.

The ceilings took three and a half months to create, but Paul says it was a prayer to paint.

“It felt like being in harmony with the creator, with the creation,” said Armesto. “It felt like serving a positive purpose.”

Blessed by Archbishop Leonard Paul Blair from the Archdiocese of Hartford earlier this afternoon, Church of The Assumption’s already existing beauty is now a bit more colorful.

“I see it as being a kind of wedding between the beautiful art inherited by the past in the form of the stain glass windows, and some of the other fittings, and now a beautiful expression of our faith,” said Archbishop Blair.