NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– Moments after Trump took the oath of office Anti-Donald Trump protesters lined up outside City Hall in New Haven. They held signs reading no immigrant left behind and Love trumps hate #NotMyPresident and we want Bernie.

One protester, Karen Giblin spoke of how she was scared of where the country could go.

“I just cannot stand the direction this country could be heading in I just want to make sure that we put the brakes on it and send it back into reverse,” said Giblin.

Jennifer Hernandez told News 8 the she thought the protests were about standing together.

“It is really a day about solidarity. I think this is a day of mourning and a day of fear for a lot of people,” said Hernandez.

Wilmer Barzallo came out to support immigrants living in the United States. He says he’s fearful of mass deportation.

“Issues that Donald Trump addressed in his campaign was his idea of mass deportation of it. In the 21st-century and I think it goes beyond human rights. I feel like the United States has always been a country of immigrants,” he said.

Planned Parenthood is worried about women receiving care if the affordable care act is repealed. Gretchen Raffa, the director of public policy and advocacy with Planned Parenthood of southern New England said thousands of patients here in Connecticut would be affected if the Affordable Care Act is repealed.

We know in Connecticut alone we see over we see over 60,000 patients that will be impacted by these efforts that are happening right now with the intention of repealing the affordable care act.”

Protesters said they didn’t watch the inauguration.

“I listen to a little bit on NPR and read the speech online but I would not watch,” said Hernandez.

“I turned on my television and I watch them shaking hands and hugging then I turned onto another channel and left it on because people said that it would show up in the ratings,” said Jammie Mandel.

After a rally on Church Street hundreds of protesters marched through downtown New Haven. Many spoke out against Trump directly; others expressed their ideological beliefs.

“We want to see our country go back to a democracy and not this kind of poisoned state of corporate controlled elections,” said Owen Charles, who was there supporting the Green Party.

Protesters encouraged students in nearby dorms and patrons in the bars they passed to join them.

“It was so much fun,” said protester Lynne Charles. “You feel the energy of the group coalescing.”

The protesters blocked traffic several times. Some of the drivers were not interested in hearing what the protesters had to say – they just wanted to get through.

“My daughter has a graduation performance tonight,” said Paul Pan, who was stopped on Church Street. “We have to go there to help her get ready and now we are stuck here.”

The group stopped outside Yale University’s Calhoun College and chanted “change the name!”

Protesters say they hope the march will get people’s attention and make a difference.

“It felt really energizing to be outside rather than sitting at home and being passive,” said Lynne Charles.

There are several more demonstrations planned across the state for Saturday as well.