Ashes left too close to home cause Hamden fire

New Haven

HAMDEN, Conn. (WTNH)–The Hamden Fire Department is reminding everyone to properly dispose of fireplace ashes after a fire broke out on a home on Carleton Street.

Hamden fire officials said ashes placed too close to the exterior siding of the home caused the fire, which was reported just after 1 p.m. on Thursday. The damage to the home is not considered serious. Police said minor water and overhaul damage to the home was unavoidable in order to prevent the fire from spreading. There were no injuries, and the residents are able to remain in their home this evening.

Fire officials said that wood or coal ashes should always be placed in metal trash cans with a lid.

“The ash disposal can should be placed at least ten feet from the structure on a non-combustible surface. Ash cans should not be placed on decks or porches or left unattended

inside a garage. Exterior fires can quickly become interior fires,” the Fire Marshal said.

Cans should also be kept outside and at least 10 feet away from buildings.

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