NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — The new airline moving into Tweed-New Haven Airport announced Thursday morning where its first flights will go. Avelo Airlines will begin service from Tweed in early November, and the weather will be a lot warmer when you get to your destination.

For months, we’ve been telling you that Avelo airlines was soon going to have flights taking off from Tweed-New Haven Airport. What we didn’t know until today is exactly where those planes were going to be landing. Now we do, and the CEO says the way they determined those destinations was by asking people where they wanted to go.

“We had a sweepstakes that we started not long ago,” explained Avelo Airlines Chairman & CEO Andrew Levy. “Over 6,000 people entered the sweepstakes telling us what their preferences would be.”

The result: Florida. So Avelo will soon be flying nonstop to Orlando, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, and Fort Myers. The airline has only been flying anywhere for about four months. The expansion to Tweed comes at a time when lots of people want to travel. So many, in fact, some big airlines have had to cancel flights and big airports have been overwhelmed.

“Couldn’t ask for a better experience for customers than the ease of use and convenience of a small airport where you can park your car, walk a few steps, get through security, be at the gate and on the airplane in no time,” Levy said.

Avelo will fly 737s out of Tweed, and hire about a hundred people for air and ground jobs. It’s all part of a planned $100 million expansion of the airport to include another terminal. tweed Airport Executive Director Sean Scanlon says it will still remain what he calls “The people’s airport.”

“The work that will be done to build this airport will be done by local labor,” Scanlon said. “The jobs that will make this airport run will be staffed by local people, and the people riding them will be from this area.”

The people who live around Tweed have some serious concerns about the bigger planes and airport expansion, from the environment to noise, to traffic. The head of the airport says those will all be addressed in a series of upcoming environmental hearings.