NEW HAVEN, Conn (WTNH) – Avelo Airlines is partnering with Aero HygenX to deploy robots to disinfect its aircraft fleet to combat COVID-19.

Avelo announced Thursday that Tweed-New Haven Airport is among the first airports in the U.S. to use breakthrough technology.

“Avelo Airlines is the first and only airline using RAY,” Isaac Naylor, Tweed-New Haven Airport’s base manager said. “We use this technology that uses ultraviolet light to disinfect the aircraft. “

Avelo is now using robots called RAY as part of the daily disinfection of its Boeing Next-Generation 737 aircraft. The aircraft disinfection routine occurs every evening following the completion of each day’s flight operations.

“The aircraft comes in, we get our customers off,” John Blersch Jr., a second-shift lead with Avelo Airlines said. “We take care of the baggage. We clean the aircraft, and the last thing after everything is clean, we put Ray on the aircraft and let it do its magic.”

The robot uses motion-sensing technology to navigate interior spaces, disinfecting surfaces quickly and safely using UVC light.

“It takes about three and a half minutes to go down, and three and a half to go back,” Blersch said. “So, yeah, within about seven minutes or so the whole aircraft, from top to bottom, the whole interior is disinfected.”