BEACON FALLS, Conn. (WTNH) — A Beacon Falls man has been charged with animal cruelty after seven animals were found dead and 121 animals were seized from his farm on Lopus Road last month, according to officials.

State animal control officers with the Department of Agriculture visited the five-acre farm owned by Dave Chesnutis after receiving a report that several dead sheep were seen on the property on Feb. 22.

State animal control officers inspected the property on Feb. 23 and found five dead sheep and two dead lambs. Animal control officers also removed one lamb and a newborn ewe to get them life-saving medical care.

Officials with the Department of Agriculture said the animals were found to be living in deplorable conditions.

On Wednesday, Attorney General William Tong moved for state custody of the 99 sheep, 21 cats and one goose.

Numerous farm animals suffered from skin conditions, parasites, and lice.

State rescues 99 sheep, 21 cats, goose from Beacon Falls farm after 7 animals found dead

The search warrant showed the pasture was littered with debris, pallets, cat food containers, trash, fence posts, and construction debris. According to the warrant, there was evidence animal carcasses were mixed in and that there were bones littered in the area.

On Feb. 24, the Department of Agriculture conducted a search and seizure warrant at the Beacon Falls farm.

The state then proceeded to rescue 99 sheep and one goose from the farm and transfer them to the Department of Agriculture’s Second Change Large Animal Rehabilitation in Niantic.

Chesnutis also voluntarily surrendered custody of his 21 cats to the Woodbridge Animal Control Facility.