Bed bug concerns spreading to another Waterbury school

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For many parents, it’s been the talk of the town lately in Waterbury. Except now, that talk is spreading to another school.

In the last month, bed bugs were found at least three different times inside Waterbury Career Academy.

Now, there’s a new suspected bed bug sighting inside a different school — Crosby High School — and that has some parents concerned.

Two parents reached out to News 8 about the problem, but they didn’t want to give their names.

“Is this going to end up spreading through the entire town?” one parent asked.

“I don’t want them in my home again,” said another parent, who was living in an apartment at the time.

The parents who reached out to News 8 said they’re not getting answers to their questions.

“I’m not sure how many other schools it’s at right now,” said one parent. “And when I called the superintendent’s office, they kind of said ‘give me your number, I’ll have someone call you back.’ No one called me back.”

In previous stories News 8 has covered about the bed bugs, one city alderman told News 8 the school district had identified a possible student who may have inadvertently carried a bed bug to school with him at Waterbury Career Academy.

Alderman Vernon Matthews, Jr. told News 8 the Waterbury Department of Public Health brought a crew in to clean the impacted parts of Waterbury Career Academy and also sent a crew to that student’s home and did the same thing there.

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Still, parents are left with wondering what is going on.

“They’re just claiming that it’s all contained and they hired people, but how did it travel from Waterbury Career Academy now to Crosby High School?” one parent asked. “How do you have this all under control if it’s spreading from one school to the other?”

The school district did alert Crosby parents and parents at Wallace Middle School (the two schools are connected by a hallway) about the suspected bed bug. Here is part of that IRIS alert sent via the telephone message system:

“Recently a suspected incident of a bed bug was reported at Crosby High School. School staff immediately addressed the issue and collaborated with the City Health Department and the School Facilities Division. Cleaning of all potentially impacted areas has been undertaken and follow-up inspections and remediation will be undertaken as necessary. There is no risk of harm to students, staff or visitors. Bed bugs are common in the United States. They do not transmit disease and pose no immediate health risk to humans. Instances of health impacts are linked to scratching of bites and potential infection or allergic reaction. Any suspected bite should be checked by a health professional and treated accordingly.”


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