NEW HAVEN, Conn (WTNH) — As a fire raged at the apartments above the Trinity Bar in New Haven, the sound of fire alarms drowned out the spinning of gears at the Devil’s Gear Bike Shop.

“Someone stuck there head in the door and said Trinity is on fire,” said Matthew Feiner

“Believe it or not he was the first one to call 911,” said John Brehon.

Thick flames were billowing out of apartment windows.

Anyone inside was running out of time.

“Me and Johnny B ran out the door,” said Feiner.

“We went in,” said Brehon.

With a fire extinguisher in hand, they did what they could to find survivors.

“Went to the top of the stairs – it was nothing but smoke, we couldn’t see anything,” said Feiner.

“A boom went off in the room – I said dude we gotta go,” said Brehon.

They two co-workers barely escaped, all of it captured on video.

“As we hit the landing of the downstairs of the landing something blew up behind us and blew us out the door,” said Feiner.

Taken away on stretcher, but ok.

They say little thought was given to the danger they walked into.

A tight night community, they could have been going in to save a friend and neighbor.

“If I was a firefighter – I would probably say “really guys”…but this is a family down here,” said Brehon.

“I’d like to think someone would come in after me,” said Feiner.