EAST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – A man’s body was found in a home in East Haven one year after he was believed to have died.

A family member told News 8 that the man is William Augur. They say William was in his 80s and he lived with his son, Bruce, in a home on Elm Street. William and Bruce were estranged from the family and had minimal contact.

One neighbor says William would often sit on his porch and give a friendly hello to those walking by.

“He’d wave, we’d always wave. He’d come over and ask if I needed a hand, and this and that,” said Ralph Capotorto.

Another neighbor says she would see him on the porch too, until one day, she noticed she had not seen him in a long time.

Police said on June 7, the department received a call from the East Haven Memorial Funeral Home who reported a strange phone call. They told police they received a phone call from someone asking about burial and cremations and learned the caller was inquiring about someone who died in April of 2021.

The funeral home told police the phone call quickly ended when they advised the caller that police should be contacted.

Police launched an investigation into the phone call. About an hour later, the East Haven Public Safety dispatch center received a phone call from someone inquiring about how to get a coroner to a home.

Officials learned the home was on Elm Street in East Haven. Officers responded to the home but were not able to make contact with anyone inside. Police said due to the possibility of a deceased person inside the home, police made entry.

Police said the body of an elderly male was found with advanced stages of decomposition in an upstairs bedroom. The investigation determined the man died in April of 2021, but it is unclear why the death was not reported earlier.

The caller was located and identified as the son of the deceased man.

East Haven police said the incident remains under investigation with possible charges pending.

No additional information has been released at this time.

The family member says in March of this year, they asked police to make a wellness call when they had not seen or heard from their relative, William Augur, in a while.

East Haven police confirm that they stopped by the house, but Bruce told them his father had passed. However, he didn’t mention when he died or that his body was upstairs.

The family member says they were shocked to find out that William Augur’s death had not been reported earlier and that his body was still in the home.

Neighbors were also surprised to hear what had happened to William.

“I never thought that somebody could be up there dead, oh my God,” said Gayle Alessandroni. “I never expected that, never.”

Neighbors describe the area as close-knit, a neighborhood where everyone knew each other’s names and families.

“We know exactly what goes around here. That caught us by surprise because I never would think that would really happen,” said Carmen Dimicco. “I could not believe it, how could a person live there with somebody that is deceased.”