BRANFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Food security continues to be a problem throughout the state, but one college student is trying to help.

As a high school student, Carter Shannon volunteered at the Community Dining Room. Now a sophomore at Northwestern University, he wanted to know how people can maximize what they get at a food pantry.

It’s how “What’s for Dinner?” a cookbook using recipes from local restaurants, was born.

“Cooking in general, you know, is on the fly, is difficult,” he said. “So, how can they optimize the ingredients in a short timeframe juggling jobs, kids, et cetera.”

The cookbook includes recipes from Willoughby Wallace Library, the Legacy Theater in Stony Crook and even a police officer. Recipes are also from La Petite Café, Parthenon and Arturo’s.

About 300 copies were distributed with the help of the Branford Rotary. Sales from additional copies will benefit the Branford Food Pantry.

For Shannon, it’s about continuing a family legacy of service.

“The giving spirit is always something my parents tried to instill in me,” he said.