BRANFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Typically boat safety isn’t talked about for another month, but people across the state have already started to head out onto the water, resulting in three deaths this weekend.

On Friday, four people were on Wyassup Lake in North Stonington when their boat capsized. Residents told News 8 it was a canoe and officials said a child died.

Just two days later on Easter morning, a small boat capsized on Long Island Sound off the coast of Stamford. According to fire crews, two men are dead and two more are critically hurt. They said the waves were as high as three to four feet at the time due to strong winds.

Deputy Chief of the Branford Fire Department, William Pepe, said he doesn’t recommend people go boating until the end of May.

“The water or the average is right now 43.7 and if somebody should fall in the water before hypothermia sets in is anywhere between 40 and 60 minutes,” Pepe said.

However, if people do decide to head out on the water, Pepe wants to make sure boaters keep some important tips in mind.

“Check the weather,” Pepe said. “Is it going to be windy? The seas, are they going to be choppy? You know you want to go out on a nice, calm day.”

Pepe noted that everyone should be experienced swimmers, and it’s important to never overload the boat. Always make sure you have the correct boat for the right number of people.

Additionally, Pepe said it’s best to go boating with others, always tell someone where you are and have enough lifejackets for everyone that fit properly.