Branford High School doing random acts of kindness

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If a random person told you that you are important, or thanked you for being you, you would probably feel pretty good. That is exactly why a group of students put these notes on hundreds of lockers at Branford High School.

“To appreciate all the staff and students at the school by writing sticky notes and putting them on all the lockers and mailboxes to show our love,” explained Branford High Freshman Victoria Henriquez.

She is part of a group called Peer Connections, which is behind all those notes. It’s a group that tries to bring students together.

“Random acts of kindness fits in because we want to make students feel happy at the school and feel welcome,” said Sofia DeSorbo, a Branford High Junior who is part of Peer Connections.  

It was national Random Acts of Kindness Day this past Sunday, but Branford High had a 4 day weekend. Peer Connections spent their day off Tuesday writing and distributing all the notes so students would see them on their first day back.

“As I was walking into school, I saw smiles and people taking them off lockers to take the time to read them,” said Branford High Freshman Aldina Aksamovic, also part of Peer Connections. “It makes me feel great that I could do something like this.”

The kindness was not just for students. Every teacher got a handwritten note on their mailbox. Those teachers are recognizing acts of kindness by writing tickets when they see random acts. They are kind of like reverse traffic tickets – a citation for doing things like cleaning up when someone else spills chocolate milk.

Those tickets are posted for everyone to see, and the idea is for the kindness to continue out in the real world, as well.

“And I think that’s something we can start here at Branford High School, and hopefully create an environment where our students feel they want to do this outside of the school setting as well,” said Branford High School Psychologist Cheryl Claise. 

The stickers all over the school, that’s just this week, but the board for ‘You’ve been caught in an act of kindness,’ that is going to continue all year long with teachers continuing to write the tickets for random acts of kindness.

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