NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — A man was critically wounded Sunday night when at least two bullets came through his window while sitting in his kitchen, New Haven police said.

Police said 36 shots were fired around 10:15 p.m. on Lodge Street in the West Rock neighborhood. The victim was shot twice in his head and is in critical but stable condition at the hospital, police said.

“It’s really scary to think about,” said D’Asia Thorpe, who lives in the area. “Where I sit sometimes, I’ll be sitting right in front of the window, so imagine I’m just eating food or talking to my cats, or whatever. Out of nowhere, shots ring out, and one could hit me or graze me, or anything could happen, and it’s really stressful to know it’s just inevitable.”

When the 20-year-old got off the bus Sunday night, she saw more than a dozen police cruisers in her neighborhood and crime scene tape blocking off the area.

“I’m used to hearing the fire trucks, the ambulances,” Thorpe said. “Pretty frequent to the point where it’s almost like white noise.”

Mayor Justin Elicker told News 8 that a gathering in the area turned violent, leading to shots fired. Police said multiple guns were used.

“There is an indication that there was an intended target, but obviously, even with that, this is a pretty densely populated area,” Elicker said. “I was on scene last night [Sunday] around 11 p.m. talking to residents, and it’s pretty disheartening.”

Elicker said the victim, whose name and age have not been released, is expected to survive, and as a response, the city will be adding more foot patrols in the West Rock neighborhood.

New Haven police Chief Karl Jacobson said they don’t believe the “young man” who was wounded was the intended target.

While police have made arrests amid increased shots fired in the area, Jacobson said they need to “calm” the neighborhood down.

“Myself and several other members of the police department and Project Longevity will be up in that area not going door to door, actually knocking on specific doors of young men who could be shot or could pick up a gun because of their past history. We’re going to offer them services, and we’re going to tell them we want them safe, alive, and out of jail, but if you pick up a gun, we know who you are.”

Anyone with information regarding the shooting is asked to call police at (203) 946-6304 or the anonymous tips line at (866) 888-TIPS.