SEYMOUR, Conn. (WTNH) — Emergency crews battled a massive structure fire that destroyed four businesses in downtown Seymour Wednesday.

Seymour Fire Marshal Timm Willis said the owner of an antique shop may have accidentally ignited wax while polishing merchandise, but they continue to investigate.

The fire quickly spread from business to business through a shared attic. The blaze moved to another antique shop, a barbershop, and a spa.

News 8 spoke to employees at Seymour Spa who are processing the destruction and thinking about finding new work.

“We lost everything,” Le Rui Fang of Seymour Spa said. “We just started in December as a new business. Now, we lost customers, salary, and everything.”

“There was a boom sound, and then she didn’t mind it cause maybe it was something outside, but after a few minutes, the alarm in the front set off and then she smelled smoke, and she saw people running outside,” Annie Chen, a worker’s daughter said.

This historic building is now a total loss. Tenants were displaced for the night, but now everyone is focused on gratitude because they say it could have been a lot worse.

Two firefighters were treated on scene for minor injuries. Fire officials said one fell, and the other’s mask came off for a moment.

“It was thought on very early in the fire to begin evacuating other buildings, and that was a priority to keep them safe,” Willis said. “No residents were injured. Just two minor injuries to firefighters who were treated on scene and then went back to performing their duties.”

It took more than 150 firefighters and three hours to put the fire out.