HAMDEN, Conn. (WTNH) — There are growing cannabis concerns in one Connecticut town.

Hamden is the site for what is labeled as a “High Bazaar” event. The question some are asking is are the events legal?

Lawmakers News 8’s, Jodi Latina, spoke with said constituents are concerned about these “High Bazaar” events because they believe marijuana products could get into the hands of minors.

At an address on Crestway in Hamden, organizers are holding what some are calling “pot conventions” inside that blue warehouse.

On the High Bazaar Instagram account, if you scroll through the page, they advertise events and post videos showing a packed flea market of people sampling what is believed to be marijuana products. Signs say attendees have to be age 21 and over.

“It’s essentially allowing people to come in. They’re paying an entry fee which is supposedly a gift and then they’re able to acquire all different kinds of marijuana products,” said State Representative Vin Candelora, the Republican House Minority Leader.

Candelora wrote a letter to the governor asking the state to investigate, calling this a new marijuana black market.

“We are already seeing fentanyl in the classrooms, gummies in student classrooms. We have an obligation as a state to step up and protect our children from this activity,” Candelora said.

The state Department of Consumer Protection says the owner of the high bazaar is not licensed to sell or distribute adult-use cannabis products because no licenses have been issued yet.

Police tell News 8 they are aware of the events.

In a statement, Detective Dolan says, “The Hamden Police Department advises that the organizers of any marijuana-related events operate within accordance of local, state and federal laws.”

We were told by the state agency overseeing the cannabis industry that gifting is allowed under strict guidelines.

Does this high bazaar market cross the line?

The Department of Consumer Protection website says cannabis given away at the same time as another transaction, a gift of cannabis contingent upon a separate transaction for goods or services, or cannabis given away at a public social event in exchange for a monetary amount to enter an event are all illegal under gifting guidelines.

Law enforcement has not made any arrests and has only fielded complaints about parking and traffic.

The governor’s office is aware of the concerns and tells News 8 “it’s a pending matter.” Retail sales of cannabis are not expected to begin until late 2022.