MILFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – The Milford police are seeking the publics help to identify suspects from the Memorial Day beach brawl from newly released photographs of the incident.

On Wednesday, city officials announced new protocols following multiple fights on Walnut Beach in Milford during Memorial Day.

City officials said they are deploying new beach management protocols in response to overwhelming crowding and unruly behavior. Additional parking restrictions will be in place for the Walnut Beach lots effective immediately. Additionally, a strengthened infrastructure will be implemented around the beach perimeter and new personnel assignments will be employed.

Milford police will closely track social media announcements promoting unauthorized and unpermitted events, officials said, noting that anyone who organizes or participates in illicit activities will be prosecuted.

“Milford’s coastline is our community’s most treasured asset and the City will do whatever it takes to ensure our beaches remain a safe recreational resource for families to enjoy,” city officials said in a statement.

On Memorial Day around 6:30 p.m., fights broke out on the beach, and as officers tried to break up the fighting, they became overwhelmed by the large, unruly crowd and were assaulted. 

Two Milford police officers were knocked to the ground and their body cameras were pulled off of them.

Milford police released two clips of the fight and what appears to be people passing around a body camera. Police are looking to charge the suspects in these videos with theft.

“There’s no excuse for people getting crazy like this,” said Jay Miggins of Milford. “This is not the kind of place and this is not that kind of town.”

Locals say Walnut Beach is usually family-friendly and quiet but during Memorial Day weekend, crowds appear. 

“Sometimes there will be hundreds and hundreds of kids hanging around, drinking a lot, smoking marijuana,” said John Maroney from Orange. “It’s kind of unruly, to say the least, because you can’t get away with that during the rest of the year.”

Police closed off the beach Tuesday to stop another fight from happening. 

Residents have mixed opinions on the new protocols. “I believe in open access, but I also believe in responsibility,” said Mark Reynolds of Milford. Ken Salyers of Milford expressed interest in an increased security presence on the beach.

Police are asking for the public’s help to identify the suspects caught on camera. If anyone has information on the suspects in the videos, you are asked to call the Milford Police Department Crime Prevention Unit at (203) 874-2366.