Chapel Haven is embarking on one the largest expansions in the human service organization’s near 50-year history, and it’s getting a new name, the Chapel Haven Schleifer Center.

Also unveiled, a new 32-thousand square foot residential and classroom building to help adults with cognitive and social disabilities learn to live on their own.

“We have this philosophy that if we can do it we must, so we’re pleased to do it”, said Len Schleifer, donor.

The new building is thanks in part to a multi-million dollar gift from the Schleifer Family Foundation.

“My heart is invested in this community and it’s as simple as that”, said Harriet Schleifer, also a donor.

New Haven Mayor Toni Harp was also on hand to celebrate.

“I’ll confess to being a chapel haven cheerleader for many years.”

A state-of-the-art brand new apartment building was just unveiled moments ago, and construction is already underway on another new building.