NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — It’s Christmas in March!

Or, it will at least it looked like it.

Marvista Entertainment, the studio behind Lifetime and Hallmark Channel movies, filmed scenes on Wednesday in New Haven. Cameras were on Chapel Street in Wooster Square for the scenes. They used the exteriors of the New Haven homes as Brooklyn brownstones.  

New Haven residents felt like they were living in Hollywood.  

“I think it’s great, I really do! It’s exciting, but it’s not the first time this has happened,” New Haven resident Elsie Chapman said. “There was a movie that was shot here a couple of years ago further down the street.”

“If it’s filmed partially in this area, I like this movie more just because of bias,” Clyde Luckey said.

The movie doesn’t have an official title yet. The signs posted along Chapel Street only read “Untitled Christmas Project.” 

Bop Tweedie is part of the production crew and told News 8 the low-budget film includes actress Rebecca De Mornay and comedian Chris Elliott. 

“One of the actors lives in Brooklyn, so they’re picking him up. We had a couple of train station scenes. Everyone’s coming home for the holiday,” Tweedie said. 

It was a Christmas scene without snow.

“They should’ve done it yesterday afternoon,” Chapman said. “They would’ve had real snow [from the nor’easter] at least for a while. Flurries, at least!”

News 8 learned they also shot scenes in Danbury, Bethel, Newtown, and New Milford. Scenes are scheduled to wrap up in North Haven later this week. 

No word yet on where you’ll be able to watch the movie or if it will be ready by this holiday season.