ANSONIA, Conn. (WTNH) — Ansonia Police Detective Brian Harte thinks about it every time he hits the streets.

“Every moment that I’m out I’m looking around for what could potentially happen,” he said.

He thinks about an emergency that happens in a flash — like a shooting or accident where someone needs help or he needs help.

“All of a sudden, you are quickly in the mix of something going horribly wrong,” he said.Related: Ansonia Police to hold public forum on recent shootings

The good people at the First Baptist Church in Ansonia think about the dangers police face, too. They’ve been on a mission to help raise money so police officers can be equipped with special kits that can keep them alive.

“We asked the Chief what they needed and he said they needed trauma kits,” said Maude Hinson of First Baptist Church.

Maude and others got the idea to help the police department with a special Police Appreciation Day last summer when there was a wave of police shootings across the country.

“I really felt for the police and we wanted to show them that they are appreciated,” she said.Related: Ansonia Police investigate shooting, pursuit that ended in West Haven

Police Appreciation Day is not only a fundraiser for the Ansonia PD, it’s also a day when kids and families can come together and enjoy games, raffle prizes, food and entertainment. Last year’s effort raised more than $8,000. The money went for life-saving trauma kits that every officer now carries with them.

“What they are are individual first aid kits for us to have life-saving equipment right in the palm of our hand or attached to our bodies,” said Detective Harte.

The kits include a combat action tourniquet that can be placed on an arm or a leg and tightened up to stop a victim’s or an officer’s bleeding. They also include an instrument that can be inserted into someone’s nose to provide an airway, and another device that can stop blood clots from forming and rubber gloves to protect officers from infection.

Chief Kevin Hale gives glowing praise for the kindness and generosity from the congregation and community.Related: Man suffers non-life threatening injuries after being shot in Ansonia

“It shows that people care,” said Chief Hale. “We cannot thank them enough — the church, the corporate groups, the community.”

The department was able to buy 50 of these kits — one for each officer. That’s all thanks to an $8,000 donation from the church.

“We need to outfit them with whatever they can have to keep them safe and protected,” Maude said.

The church is planning an even bigger and better Police Appreciation Day this year. It’s coming up on Saturday, Sept. 23rd from 3-7 p.m.  They say to expect great fun, raffle prizes, food and a DJ. Plus, there will be VIP guest speakers, horse and pony rides for the kids, a petting zoo, and a bounce house.

For more information, call 203-451-7233.