WATERBURY, Conn. (WTNH) – Thursday is the calm before the storm. News 8 expects the state to receive 4 to 6 inches of snow on Friday, but what are some towns and cities doing to prepare?

In Waterbury, there are preps already underway. On Wednesday morning, the state was dealing with icy conditions on the roadway, but on Friday, snow will be the big story.

“We’ll have staff in as soon as it does start snowing and then we’ll work through the morning until the roads are cleared,” said Mark Lombardo, Deputy Director of Waterbury Department of Public Works.

At the public works department, a combination of salt and sand is used to treat the highways and streets, 600 yards of it to be exact.

“The salt is helping melt the ice at the proper temperature and the sand is giving it grip on our hilly roads,” Lombardo said.

Waterbury police are also bracing for the wintry blast. Motorists are being advised to stay off the roads.

“Make sure you have good tires, make sure your car’s in working order, and it’s advisable to fill up with some gas prior to the storm,” said Lt. Ryan Bessette, Waterbury Police Department.

News 8 spoke with the mayor of Waterbury and other city officials about what’s being done to prepare.

“We’ll be out there, we’ll be prepared, we’re going to enforce our parking rules and regulations so that the plows can get through and give free parking to all the Waterbury people in the ramp garage. We do that every year and every storm and just make sure everyone is safe and careful,” said Waterbury Mayor Neil O’Leary. “We started planning back in the fall with all of our vehicles, the plowers, the sanders, making sure everything is ready, our routes, private contractors are all lined up, so we’re ready to go when it starts snowing.”

The snow won’t start falling until late Thursday evening and will ramp up early Friday morning.