New Haven

City leaders push for improvements to Tweed New Haven Regional Airport

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)-- City leaders hope enhancing the runway at Tweed-New Haven airport will become a reality. First though, it needs approval from state lawmakers. 

Matthew Nemerson, the Economic Development Administrator said, "Almost ten years ago a little limitation was put in to a local statue at the state legislature and it says that the runways have to be a certain length and the length is too short now to have commercial planes be able to use it."

The main runway at Tweed now is 5,600 feet, making it one of the smallest commercial service airport runways in the country. Nemerson added, "Literally there are only two airports in the entire United States of America that have commercial service of this nature and have runways shorter than 6,100 feet."

Improvements would have no impact on the size of the airport. The change would add destinations and carriers and increase service in poor weather. Nemerson said, "What we would like to be able to do is have the planes go to Washington and Chicago. American Airlines would like to go there. JetBlue would like to fly to Florida."

Some people who live feet away from the airport have mixed emotions. Mohamed Saadi told NEWS8, "Some people don't like the noises so they don't like it. And some people travel a lot so they need the airport near to them." Residents said they worry about more traffic.

Nick Colavolpe added, "My main concern is the traffic. the more traffic out here it's going to be. If they come up with a different idea, a different way of moving that traffic around because as it is now the people on Bird Street have a hard time trying to move and trying to get out of their driveways." David Blomberg said, "It really doesn't bother me as long as there's not a whole lot more traffic but certainly an inconvenience to neighbors."

City leaders said it would bring more business into the state. Nemerson said, "The real issue is to be able to get the service to attract the companies and the jobs." Blomberg added, "I guess it's good for Connecticut. It is good for businesses but it is a shame for the people who live right around the corner from the airport."

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