NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Looking for dinner for tonight? It’s National Hot Dog Day! Hummel Brothers in New Haven is celebrating. An event with the mayor was held Wednesday.

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Michael Piscitelli, the Economic Development Administrator for the City of New Haven said, “It is wonderful to see a New Haven brand so well-received by the treasures, the drive-ins, the restaurants around the state of Connecticut — Hummel’s is in over 50 restaurants around the state.”

Mayor Justin Elicker added, “Hummel not only gives back to our community by being great corporate citizens, but it also employs so many employees from New Haven.”

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Hummel Brothers was established in 1933 by German immigrant brothers. It’s now run by the third generation of the Hummel family.

National Hot Dog Day was started in the 1970s. It’s always the third Wednesday in July. Americans eat an estimated seven billion hot dogs every year.