NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – The city of New Haven and the officers being sued by the family of Randy Cox filed documents with the court defending themselves and their involvement in the case.

Cox’s own actions are being cited as leading to his severe injuries while in custody.

Sgt. Betsy Segui and Officers Oscar Diaz, Ronald Pressley, and Luis Rivera claim in the documents filed in federal court this week, in reaction to the lawsuit against them, that they are “entitled to qualified immunity from all liability” in the case. In addition, Officer Jocelyn Lavandier “moves to dismiss in its entirety.”

In the filing by Segui, it states:

The Plaintiff’s own negligence and carelessness contributed to and was a substantial factor in causing the injuries and losses alleged in the Complaint, in that:
a) He failed to act as a reasonable, prudent person under the circumstances;
b) He failed to comply with the lawful commands of officers on scene; and
c) He actively interfered with the investigation conducted by officers on scene.

The city of New Haven filed its own response to being included in the lawsuit, stating “the claims against the Defendant are barred by governmental immunity” and “the claims against the Defendant are barred by contributory negligence.” The city is seeking a trial by jury.

The lawsuit on behalf of Cox asks for $100 million from the officers and the city.

Cox, who had been arrested for unlawfully possessing a firearm, was paralyzed when the police vehicle he was in slowed down suddenly in traffic, causing the unrestrained Cox to strike his head. All charges against Cox have since been dropped.

The lawsuit also cites the officers’ actions following the incident and the lack of medical care provided.

News 8 reached out to Cox’s attorney Ben Crump for comment on the new developments.

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