CLINTON, Conn. (WTNH) – At the Clinton Barber Shop, they truly go a cut above.

“We only charge veterans $13 for a haircut and that’s one of the reasons why we stay busy because the price is right,” D’Amato said.

Barber Anthony D’Amato loves what he does. It’s a cozy shop where you’ll find the traditional barber pole and tools of the trade.

Throughout the shop, there are reminders of times gone by and promises of expert service.

On designated days this week, the shop’s shaving prices are compliments of the owner of Guilford Lobster Pound who is paying for veterans’ haircuts. The tradition is now in its fifth year.

Brett Mansi is helping to cover the costs of veterans’ haircuts this week.

Customers said they received excellent care at the barber shop.

“There is something about this place that just exudes all sorts of care and interest that draws me in,” Robert Vera said.

Robert Moore, a United States Army veteran said he appreciates that people care about veterans.

“It means somebody cares. I really appreciate outside people that care,” Moore said.

D’amato recently had one customer who was incredibly moved that someone made the gesture to pay for his haircut because of his veteran status.

“There was one guy that came in. He couldn’t believe it you know. He was hugging me and thanking me and everything. It was really nice,” D’Amato said.