MILFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Mike Majlak, a social media influencer from Milford, celebrated the expungement of his felony record in Connecticut on Wednesday.

“after many attempts over the years, this afternoon i received a full pardon from the state of connecticut [sic],” he tweeted. “as of today, i am no longer a felony in the united states of america. one of the few remaining stains finally washed clean and another proof point that we do recover.”

He shared a letter that states his request was given an expedited review and was heard on Oct. 3 in Waterbury.

A few hours after his initial tweet, Majlak posted a thread sharing information on expungements.

He wrote that he had applied for pardons and was denied, “mostly for lack of time after arrest,” he wrote.

“boards are quite stingy when it comes to time passing, even when within window of required time,” he tweeted. “i was supposed to be allowed pardon after 5, but was denied after 5 and 7.”

He wrote that he didn’t have a lawyer the first time that he applied. He paid $10,000 to representation to streamline the process for his most recent attempt. However, he wrote, it’s possible to expunge a record in some states without an attorney.

Majlak has more than 570,000 followers on Twitter, 1.7 million on Instagram and 2.72 million subscribers on YouTube . He co-hosts the podcast “Implausive” with Logan Paul.

His book, “The Fifth Vital,” details his opioid addition and journey to sobriety.