NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Opportunities in offshore energy brought dozens of Connecticut companies to New Haven Wednesday morning. Those vendors met with Revolution Wind — the partnership building massive wind farms in the Atlantic.

New London’s State Pier will become the staging area for several substantial offshore wind projects in days.

“Gateway takes over management on April 15,” Connecticut Chief Manufacturing Officer Paul Lavoie said of the pier. “The first tower assemblies will come from Europe on May 9, and then in June, cargo containers will come that have the turbines and the blades.”

A partnership between Eversource and the Danish energy company Orsted is building those huge towers. As they are assembled, they will need local companies to help.

“Today is all about matching the people who are buying services in this industry with the people who are selling them and hoping to make some good introductions,” Alexandra Daum, Connecticut’s Economic & Community Development Commissioner, said.

The folks at this forum in New Haven are selling services to monitor and repair the system.

“Fatigue happens in any mechanical process,” explained Mike McMahon, Orsted’s Senior Supply Chain Manager. “Connecticut has vendors that can also contribute to replacing things or fixing things that we need to maintain the performance of the wind farms.”

Once the formal presentations were done, each one of the prospective vendors got five minutes to sit down with somebody from Orsted to pitch what they could do for the project. New London’s port is the only one between Maine and the Carolinas deep enough and has unobstructed ocean access for offshore energy projects.

“New London does not have any overhead obstructions, no big bridges, that you have to go through to get out to the open water,” Daum said. “That is unique, really sets us apart, and makes us well-positioned to participate in this industry.”

So these Connecticut companies are just as well positioned to be a part of a multi-billion dollar project.