Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer.

On Saturday, lifeguards will be on duty at Anchor, Gulf, Hawley and Walnut Beaches in Milford

Bella Pietrosanti said, “We are almost here as a safety for everyone else. They come to us whenever they need. I feel like having us here makes people feel better about having their kids here too.”

Lifeguards are always scanning the water and the land.

Pietrosanti added, “If someone looks like they don’t know how to swim, you should definitely keep a good eye on them because they could skip under at any moment.”

Rich Minnix is the Milford recreation supervisor.

He said, “Definitely on the beach. People don’t hydrate enough and our guards are on the lookout for people not hydrated that can get heatstroke. They are ready to take action.” 

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Minnix told News 8 that it takes swimming skills and a lot of training to become a lifeguard.

Before hitting the lifeguard post this weekend, the lifeguards are taking refresher course.

He said, “They are going through different rescue techniques such as back boarding if anyone was to get a spinal injury in the water, we know how to take them out of the water.”

Pietrosanti added, “I love being out on the water. And I love the idea that I could help anyone that does need my help and they look for me when they need help.”

For lifeguard training information from the American Red Cross, click here. For details on lifeguard certifications from the YMCA, click here.

The CT DEEP also has information on lifeguarding here.


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