WEST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Muslims in Connecticut kept the Nazal Halal meat market in West Haven busy as they prepared to observe Ramadan.

“I think all month it’s going to be busy,” said Yusuf Avci, who owns the meat market. “Ramadan time, we are very busy.”

More than 1.8 billion Muslims — one-quarter of the world’s population — are expected to participate in the 30-day fast.

The holy month is meant to give a deeper understanding of what the homeless population undergoes when they don’t have access to food.

Food is necessary for Suhoor, which is the meal eaten right before dawn, and Iftari, when is when the fast is broken.

Family and friends also gather for nightly feasts — requiring a trip to the grocery store amid soaring food prices.

Mustafa Er was at Nazal Halal on Wednesday to prepare.

“[I’m going to make] some authentic Turkish dishes that my parents make, and I know it’s gonna be delicious,” Er said.

Many customers were out buying groceries to make their fast more comfortable.

“I take some rice and some meat for dinner,” Selcen Yungel said.