NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Connecticut wedding season would have been in full swing this June, but because of the coronavirus, many couples have been forced to postpone their big day.

Wedding planner Emily Bonenfant, of Luna and Charlie Events, said, “I think realistically this year is just not the time for a 300 person wedding.”

Bonenfant added, her summer weddings were postponed to next year and instead she’s planning mini elopements.

She said those planning on a small ceremony need to consider a few things such as the health conditions of the guests and their ages. She said not everyone is going to feel comfortable on the dance floor.

“Maybe consider putting a high top or a couple of low seating areas so if people don’t necessarily want to be on the dance floor they are still experiencing the dance flooring experience,” said Bonenfant. 

Kristina Figueroa postponed her Westport wedding in August.

“[I] found my dress, we were making moves on the honeymoon and it’s kind of like what a joke because everything kind of blew up in our face like it did with so many other couples,” she told News 8.

Figueroa is planning a mini rooftop ceremony this summer in New York City. The big wedding will take place next year. 

“So many people said, ‘you really think this is the right choice?’ And ‘thank you so much for making the safe decision.’ It was a relief for them and a relief for us. You need to make sure it works for everyone including your family, The core family group, and your vendors and there might be some vendors that don’t match with your date and you have to make a decision that makes sense for you.”