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Coyote sightings at busy New Haven park have many unnerved

Coyote sightings at a busy New Haven park have many people on high alert. The animals are common to Connecticut, but some say they're too close for comfort. 

"That's crazy. People should keep all their animals in their house and keep kids away from this crazy place," said Ronald Miller of New Haven. 

Gerald Mallison is a camp counselor at East Shore Park. He says he'll keep a closer eye on the dozens of kids he's responsible for. 

"They're not getting out of my watch now, especially after this news," Mallison said. 

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) says coyotes are extremely common in Connecticut. 

"It is not unusual to find them near residential areas. They pose very little threat to humans," said spokesman Chris Collibee. "Smaller animals like cats and small dogs should be leashed, kept inside, close by.

DEEP says coyotes and their pups are just out for food this time of year. 

"The young wont break off from their parent groups until the fall and winter so you see them traveling with their young - gathering food sources," Collibee said. 

Some tips: keep a tight lid on trash cans, bring in bird feeders, and don't leave pet food or waste outside.

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