WALLINGFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Games, crafts, and adventures await Wallingford families at The Coalition for a Better Wallingford.

The nonprofit’s initiative kicked off last week and offers free weekly activity bags to local families.

“The bags are really meant to help people work together, create positivity in the home in a time where things are so uncertain and worrisome,” said Community Outreach Director Jessie DePonte. 

The program will run through August, with each week’s bag having a different theme—this week over 600 bags will go out. 

“This week is ‘Family Olympics,’” DePonte explained. “In the bag, you’re gonna find cups and ping pong balls and bubblegum with a set of instructions for activities for each day.”

But these bags are more than just a way to keep families entertained. They are part of the town’s new partnership with the apparel brand Life is Good

Wallingford is the first town to be sponsored by the company whose Playmakers Program helps train childcare professionals to work with children recovering from traumatic events. 

DePonte told News 8, “I think that addressing mental health and helping young children is so essential. It’s important to build a good foundation for these children to grow up and become thriving members of the community.” 

And while the townwide program is still in its beginning phases, Coalition President Ken Welch says these activity bags are a great start in creating environments for local children to thrive. 

“You’re teaching them decision making, you’re teaching them outcome resolution. There’s a lot of things that come from it and they happen in a positive format, that’s the goal,” he said. 

The Coalition’s mission is to build strong families and a strong community, and DePonte says this new partnership with Life is Good will help them achieve that. 

“It’s a really well-established program,” she explained. “They do some excellent work and I think it’s really going to make a difference for families here in Wallingford.”

For information on activity bags and the new partnership, visit The Coalition for a Better Wallingford‘s website.