NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — A nonprofit started by Yale students is bringing seniors access to telemedicine amidst the COVID-19 crisis. 

It’s called ‘Telehealth Access For Seniors’ and the goal is to use donated devices to introduce vulnerable populations to telemedicine, which has seen an increase during the pandemic. 

“We work to provide elderly patients and lower-income communities with camera-enabled devices, like phones, tablets, so they can be connected to their physician during this pandemic,” explained Siddharth Jain, ‘Telehealth Access for Seniors’ co-founder. 

Since launching in March, the program has grown to over 300 volunteers in 26 states and over 1,000 devices have been donated to hospitals and clinics around the country. 

The most recent donation was to Fair Haven Community Health Care in New Haven. 

“I knew we had the need,” said Karen Nemiah, the clinic’s Director of Marketing and Development. “I just loved that this was something good that came out of the insanity of the quarantine.” 

Volunteers have donated 15 devices to this clinic so far, along with instructions on how to navigate the technology. And already, it’s made an impact. 

“Many of our most vulnerable patients are having difficulties accessing these resources so they might not have the tech,” said Benjamin Oldfield, Chief Medical Officer at Fair Haven Community Health Care. “So this partnership comes in and helps us do that.” 

To donate a device: