PROSPECT, Conn. (WTNH) — A Connecticut supermarket chain used a simple idea to create some major results for food banks around the state. 

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, LaBonne’s Markets launched a ‘Round-Up Program’ where customers could round their totals up upon checkout to the nearest dollar for charity. 

President and CEO Robert LaBonne told News 8, “If your order came to $19.80, you could round it up to $20 and you could also make a separate donation on top of that.” 

The program took place during April and May. Between customer contributions and a $10,000 match from CEO Robert LaBonne Jr., $21,761.16 was raised for local food banks. 

Labonne’s has four locations throughout the state. The money raised was split between each town’s local food bank. 

“I think it was $4,000 per town and then we spread a little bit back to the United Way and St. Vincent de Paul and other charities in Waterbury,” LaBonne explained. 

And customers said they were happy to have this opportunity to give back. 

“I think it’s just an easier way for the average person to help out,” said Nick Kolos, a customer at the chain’s Prospect store. 

Another customer, Heather Fitzgerald, added, “There’s so many people in need right now with everything going on; every little bit helps.” 

Labonne says providing the community an avenue to give back was what it was all about. 

“We’ve earned our income and been blessed by earning an income through people, through the supermarket business,” he said. “I think it’s only right to give back to those who are less fortunate.”