NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Now that pumpkin spice is back, it has many people thinking about when the leaves will start to change color in Connecticut.

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) released a timeline of when the leaves will begin changing in your neck of the woods.

Some of you may have noticed a few leaves here and there already changing color and that’s not uncommon, but typically​ we start to see more color develop by mid-September.

We see low to moderate color in the northwest and northeast corners within the last two weeks of September. Over the next two weeks, into mid-October, notice the changing leaves start charging farther south. By this time, the colors peak across the northern tier of the state, while the color is lower at the shoreline.  The color doesn’t usually peak at the shoreline until late October.

Of course, the timing can shift when we have a drought or excessive rainfall. Last year, we were stuck in drought conditions, but this year, we’ve had thirty inches of rain at the shoreline, and almost forty inches inland. 

Here’s the thing about leaves — if it’s too dry, the trees become stressed, the leaves change early and fall. If it’s too wet, then the leaves become susceptible to fungi and insects. 

For a good foliage season, we need to have the middle ground of moderate temperatures and enough rain—which have had this spring and summer.  But we also need to remember we were in a drought last year and the stress of the trees will carry into this year.

Having said that, DEEP predicts the trees may stay green longer and peak later in the season.  The colors may be more muted than vibrant.  But these are just predictions with a variety of factors, so we’ll see how it goes.