Destination Location: Cody’s Diner, New Haven

New Haven

Destination Location’s Diner Week brings us to Cody’s in New Haven. It’s a staple on Water Street, serving up food at all hours for 25 years. 

It’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through rain and snow.

“We’re here every day,” said Bacon. “We’re 24 hours a day. We deal with morning, lunch, evening, and after hours, the bar crowd, so we see everything in here.”

The family- run diner is named after Troy’s son, Cody. 

“I’m on the register and I do the cooking in the back,” said Troy’s mother Johanna Bacon. “The heavy cooking… like lasagna, gravy, pot roast, all that.”

Troy said you get a true representation of New Haven’s diversity. 

“If you want breakfast at 9 o’clock at night you can get breakfast,” said Bacon. “You can have whatever you want. You can have a pot roast dinner at 6 o’clock in the morning, because some people, that’s not their mornings. For some people that can be their dinner time,” he added.

He says because of that, you get a true glimpse of New Haven’s diversity.

“We see a lot of different people,” Bacon said. “People who work for the city, people that come in from different jobs, people that come in from the clubs, so we see a little bit of everything here.”

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