HAMDEN, Conn. (WTNH) – A dog groomer in Hamden is being hailed as a hero for his quick action when a pet wasn’t picked up at his business. 

“No one has ever not picked up their dog,” said Kevin Maiocco, of Land of Paws.

Kevin Maiocco, who owns Land of Paws in Hamden, said he knew something was wrong. He started calling every number he had for Charlie’s owner, Allison Brownlow, and he even stopped by some addresses.

“We tried hospitals, we tried the police, just trying to see if we could find her,” said Maiocco. 

Police rushed over to Brownlow’s North Haven home to check in on her.

“They knocked several times and when they were able to visually expect the entranceway, they could see feet lying on the ground,” explained Clifford Gast, Brownlow’s son. “So, they started banging on the door a lot harder.”

When she wasn’t responding, her son, Clifford Gast, said they broke down the door and got his mother the care she needed. Gast believes she was unconscious anywhere between five and seven hours.

“She had a stroke and a seizure, was intubated at the hospital, was in intensive care for four to five days, and is now in a different section of the hospital where hopefully, by the end of the week, she’ll be released to a rehabilitation center,” said Gast. “Every day is an improvement, unfortunately, it’s a slow arduous process. We just hope she gains back her mental capacity.”

As her road to recovery continues, Gast told News 8 that he and his entire family are grateful for Maiocco’s quick actions.

“He’s definitely a hero,” said Gast. “I think heroes come in all shapes and sizes and occupations, and he should be recognized as someone that really saved someone’s life. I’m eternally grateful for his response.”

As for Maiocco, he said he’s just happy to hear Brownlow is doing better by the day.

“I hope to see her soon!” said Maiocco. 

Once Brownlow moves into a rehabilitation center and can spend some time outside, she and Charlie can finally be reunited.