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Drop in temperatures means an increase in calls to New Haven Fire

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) - Every year, New Haven Fire Marshall Robert Doyle walks into homes that are destroyed by fires. 

“What we are seeing is an overloaded power strip,” said Doyle. 

Power strips that are packed with cords, something that happens a lot during the holidays. 

“I cannot emphasize enough how dangerous this is,” said Doyle. 

Winter safety tips from the New Haven fire department: 

  • Make sure power strips are ‘UL listed” 
  • If you need more power outlets, hire an electrician to wire the home correctly 

Another major danger this time of year is unattended space heaters. 

"Quite often we see a lot of these in the city of new haven,” said Doyle. 

“You want to make sure these are at least 3 feet away from any combustibles including yourself.  That includes clothing. couches. bedding,” said Doyle. 
In a matter of seconds, a fire can start. 

“Here in the city of New Haven, last year we had 27 fires directly related to heating devices,” said Doyle. 

Space heater safety tips include: 

  • Make sure space heaters are at least 3-ft away from objects.
  • Use “UL rated” space heaters.
  • Kerosene space heaters are illegal in New Haven.

Simple tips firefighters wish people would pay attention to this winter. 

"What bothers us as professional and volunteer firefighters is the tragedy you see that could have been prevented just by a little bit of extra care and extra maintenance,” said New Haven fire chief John Alston. 

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