EAST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Residents in East Haven say they’re fed up after their neighborhood was infested with rodents. 

Security footage shared with News 8 shows one critter darting off the doorstep of a home on Elm Street. 

One woman, who lives in the house and declined to give her name, said she’s shocked. 

“We have never had rats in this neighborhood, so we were freaked out and we’re like, ‘where did this come from?’” the woman told News 8. “But it was only one, so we were like, ‘Oh, maybe he’s traveling.’” 

She said that traveler brought more than a dozen friends after a nearby hotel was demolished about six weeks ago.  

“Within that six-week period, they have completely taken over our neighborhood,” the woman said. 

Residents said it’s a widespread issue that’s also impacting Sydney Street, Forbes Place, Elm Court and Kimberly Avenue.   

Residents are noticing holes and feces on their properties. They’re trying to deter rodents with poison, moth balls and traps. 

Gayle Alessandroni is worried about rodents carrying diseases.   

“I’m very concerned, because [rodents] get in anything,” she said. 

Carmen DiMicco lives next door. She covered part of her yard with bricks because rodents are burrowing through her concrete. 

“They’re going under my cement,” DiMicco said. “I think they probably live there now. Who knows what they have there, maybe babies.” 

Residents claim they contacted the East Shore District Health Department for help.

Alessandroni called town hall and left a voicemail. 

News 8 took those concerns to the town.  Michelle Benivega, the director of administration and management for East Haven, provided the following statement:

“Prior to the demolition of the hotel located at 82 Frontage Rd, a rodent evaluation was performed by Apex Pest Control and forwarded to the State of Connecticut as required. That evaluation indicated ‘the property did not show any evidence of rodent infestation.’ We have since been informed that the East Shore District Health Department did an evaluation on an abutting property. Any information regarding that evaluation should be directed to East Shore District Health.” 

Michael Pascucilla, the director of public health for East Shore District Health Department, said the department has received complaints, and is willing to work with residents. 

“We regularly investigate situations like this,” Pascucilla said. “We will do our part. The town will do their part. In the case of East Haven, we regularly work with the mayor and his staff; and when we have a situation, we all pull together.”  

Pascucilla asked residents to do their part, which includes cleaning clutter around their homes, putting trash in bins and getting rid of any outdoor food or standing water.  

News 8 was on Elm Street Thursday afternoon and did not see trash, food or standing water.