EAST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Getting mail is typically a short walk to the end of the driveway but for dozens of East Haven residents, it turned into an hour-plus ordeal, each week.

The headache for Coe Avenue residents started in April. Part of the town’s Greenway Trail project included new sidewalks. The previous ones were pavement allowing mail trucks to drive up to deliver mail on a strictly drive-only route. But the new ADA-compliant sidewalks create a curb.

“For us to not get our mail since the middle of April has been terrible,” said impacted resident Anna Briggs. “I write everything down I’m supposed to get and I see what I’m missing.”

“The mail truck was not able to climb up on the sidewalk hence they stopped delivering mail,” said Michelle Benivegna who is the town’s Director of Administration and Management. “As soon as we found out that was happening it was totally unacceptable.”

Anna Briggs has a son with a neurological disability and gets supplemental security income. She says his mail is essential.

“We didn’t get our mail and I couldn’t find it at Brewery Street where we were going to pick up our mail and thankfully one of my neighbors found it and brought it over to me when I opened the letter, I had two days to call or they were going to cancel all his benefits,” Briggs said.

East Haven officials say they’ve been working with the USPS and contractors to come up with a solution and say they have one.

Yesterday the mayor and other town officials spent hours walking down Coe Avenue giving the update to residents.

“A photo of what the new mailboxes would look like, answered any questions, apologized for any inconveniences that they had faced and gave them the timeline for when it would be rectified,” Benivegna said.

The new mailboxes will not cost residents and should be up within two weeks.

A USPS spokesperson tells News 8 they are actively working with the town and mail delivery will resume when mailboxes meeting postal requirements are installed.