EAST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Lianne Audette lives in a little home on the beach in East Haven with her dog, Birdie. It is mostly peaceful until a plane from Tweed-New Haven Airport flies over.

“It sounds like an earthquake. I’ve lived in California. I know what an earthquake sounds like. It’s like the worst thunderstorm you can imagine, right next to you,” Audette said.

Since Avelo Airlines started direct flights to Florida out of Tweed last winter, Audette noticed new cracks in the walls and some of the wildlife in her backyard disappear.

“When I came here 17 years ago, there were hundreds of blue crabs, green crabs, starfish and any number of conk shells and whelks, horse crabs, lots of different kinds of algae and seaweed. None of those are there anymore,” she said. “East Haven is a sleepy town. It’s not a town that’s motivated to become a hot spot on the map.”

Patrick Rowland also lives along the beach in East Haven. He worries the plans to extend the airport’s runway will lead to frequent, bigger planes.

“If you extend it now, a bigger plane could come and land more safely. Then, can a concord land here? No. So sooner or later, it’s going to have to get longer and longer.”

The airport’s executive director, Sean Scanlon, said they are working to address these concerns with locals. An environmental assessment is underway to measure the expansion’s impact on noise, traffic, air quality and wildlife.

“We have made plans to do this expansion and are actively working to make sure it happens. But that will not move forward until the environmental assessment is done and until we can say with confidence that what we are doing here is not going to be damaging to the environment we all care about,” Scanlon said.

Tweed-New Haven Airport will offer seven more destinations this May through Avelo: Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Savannah, Hilton Head, Nashville, Baltimore-Washington, Raleigh-Durham and Chicago.

The airport has hired 109 new employees since flights through Avelo began. Scanlon said 100 more employees will be hired by the summer.