EAST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — ATVs and dirt bikes are a growing issue across the state. In East Haven, town officials are drafting a law that would deter these riders. 

Riding an ATV or dirt bike is illegal in East Haven, but it doesn’t stop riders from revving their engines. Riders often travel in groups, swerving and zipping through the streets, making it challenging for police to chase them down.

The town council is considering legislation that would hopefully discourage these riders from coming to East Haven. The bill would prohibit gas stations from selling fuel to these types of vehicles. Council members are working on the bill’s language before they move forward.

“We live in a decently quiet neighborhood because we’re off the main road, and there’s a lot of kids playing outside in the front yard, riding their bikes,” said Sophia Campbell, who lives on Elm Street. “Once in a while there will be dirt bikes that go up and down and it’s kind of dangerous because there’s kids, little kids, and parents shouldn’t have to be concerned about a dirt bike riding by at 40 miles an hour.”

Chris Kowalczik, who lives on Forbes Place, said that “When you lose control, you lose control.”

“Unfortunately, I lost my brother to a motorcycle accident 22 years ago,” he said. “It goes back to that lack of concern for people around you because you don’t know what’s going to happen. You think you’re in control of that vehicle 100% of the time, but you’re really not.”

Some neighbors like Gayle Alessandroni are skeptical about this law.

She said riders might go to another town to fuel up and “you don’t really want to get them in trouble, you just want to stop the danger of it because they’re kids. they have no place to play.”