WATERBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — The inland parts of Connecticut are experiencing flash floods due to Tropical Storm Elsa Friday morning. This is on top of three consecutive days of rain and thunderstorms.

In Meriden, officials ask residents to avoid the downtown area, due to current flooding.

Drivers found out the hard way during Friday’s storm that the floodwaters were nothing to mess with.

Flooding shut down State Street and several other roads near the Meriden Green. Even the Meriden Health Department, water saturating the first floor. Employees were forced to move to the Senior Center.

Mayor Kevin Scarpati calling this day a mess. Early this morning, water from a brook near the Green rose like a river. The mayor told News 8 this is actually good to see because the Green was built to flood.

But it’s clear not all of the water stayed there. By 2 p.m., conditions cleared to allow street sweepers to come in and try to restore a sense of normalcy downtown.

By Friday afternoon, almost all streets shut down due to flooding were back open. The mayor tells News 8 the city did not suffer widespread outages.

Public works crews for the City of Waterbury prepared Thursday by cutting any weak tree limbs before they had a chance to cause damage below. It’s one way to prevent the expected 40 to 50 MPH winds from causing destruction.

Crews have been working this week to keep the storm drains clear to ease flooding concerns. Trimming those branches also helps decrease debris that could block drains.

Construction was also being done outside the Palace Theater in Waterbury; they were trying to put new sidewalks alongside the theater. They hope the plastic tarp they hanging from the building will protect their progress from the elements.

The whole state is under a flash flood watch; we are seeing between 1 and 5 inches of rain, with northwestern Connecticut seeing the least, and southeastern Connecticut seeing the most. Either way, it’s still enough rain to flood roadways and basements in lower elevation areas.

The sun came out around 2:30 p.m. and you’d never think anything happened Thursday night and Friday morning. Until you look at footage captured by News 8 viewers sent in to us.

A keg was literally floating in the parking lot of Two Roads Brewing in Stratford. But Milford was hit the hardest.

Traffic pushed through floodwaters on Route 1 and North Street. The worst time likely between 8 a.m. and noon. The area has a lot of issues with drainage.

The mayor’s chief of staff told News 8, “Overall, there were significant flooding impacts to the city, especially during the height of the storm. We have Department of Public Works crews actively working to address the remaining issues.”