HAMDEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Members of the EMS club at Quinnipiac University received emergency medical training through a health care simulation in a real ambulance on Friday.

A medical disaster was simulated inside a decommissioned ambulance that was donated by Hartford HealthCare. The purpose of the simulation was to teach students how to provide life-saving care to patients when faced with emergencies in the field.

“Now when you do get to get outside the campus and actually work in the field of EMS, work in the field of healthcare, you’re gonna be one step above that EMT or paramedic that’s coming in off of the road now. Going right into a real-life scenario,” said Kevin Ferraotti, the director of emergency medical services at Hartford HealthCare.

The “Simbulance” was in active service until just a couple of weeks ago.

“These extracurricular experiences build on what we learn inside the rooms. Learn at our lectures. Gives us a place to actually apply and test in real life and see how we do,” said Alex Bayer, the captain of Quinnipiac University EMS.