Eversource lineworkers explain how they stay safe in the heat

New Haven

MERIDEN, Conn. (WTNH) — During hot weather conditions, demands for power usage increase with elevated uses of air conditioning units and more.

Eversource crews will still be out servicing Connecticut residents in the heat this weekend to ensure that the power stays on across the state.

News 8 was invited to an Eversource job site to speak with lineworkers about what it’s like to work under the extreme heat conditions outside and how they will stay safe.

A 38-year veteran lineworker at Eversource spoke about his gear and how he works through the heat.

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Joe described the gloves he wears to handle the wires as protecting him for up to 35,000 volts. He wears two sets of gloves that are made of cotton, rubber with another layer over the top.

He elaborated that in the winter months, co-workers do use heating packs to stay warm but in the summer, there are limited options for cooling down in their gear.

“There’s really not much you can do in the heat. I always thought it was much harder to work in the heat.”

Lineworker Joe, Eversource

The Eversource worker also made note that the company does not have a heat clause, or any directive in regards to seizing work when the temperature reaches a certain level, however, workers are directed not to work in temperatures below 10° in the winter.

He added that the company does tell workers to check on each other in the heat and if the worker is feeling too hot, they aren’t going to push them to go up to work on the electric pole.

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