Thomas Bouley is chief judicial marshal in the New Haven District.  He is responsible for the safety and security of multiple courthouses and hundreds of detainees across the state.  But now, he’s facing demands to be disciplined and even criminally charged after court transcripts obtained by News 8 appear to show Bouley admitting he lied during testimony in a federal lawsuit in March accusing him of discrimination. 

“It was out and out lying by this very highly ranked law enforcement official,” said attorney William Palmieri.  “The witness lied.  It was done intentionally and it was done to subvert justice,” Palmieri fumed.

Palmieri is a veteran civil rights lawyer who sued Bouley on behalf of a Hispanic deputy chief marshal in a case he ultimately loss.  

According to the transcripts, Palmieri asked Bouley in once instance, “That’s a lie.  It’s a straight up lie to this jury.  Right?”  To which Bouley answered, “Yeah.”  Bouley was also forced to admit lying in several follow up questions.

The untruthful testimony was pointed out by Bouley’s boss, O’Donovan Murphy, who was in court at the time Bouley was on the witness stand.  Murphy alerted lawyers from the Connecticut Attorney General’s Office, who then called him back to the stand.

“Mario, it was mind-boggling,” Palmieri told News 8’s Mario Boone in an exclusive interview.  “It was absolutely reprehensible.” 

Despite an official complaint against Bouley and a smoking gun being his own admissions, top brass at the Connecticut Judicial Branch have yet to mete out any punishment.  However, a Branch spokeswoman did say officials are reviewing the matter to see “if a full investigation is warranted.”

University of New Haven professor and police expert Dr. John DeCarlo reviewed the Bouley transcripts for News 8 and offered his assessment.  “When we have something like this occur it damages public trust, it damages the expectation that we have,” DeCarlo said.

Bouley and Murphy were not allowed to comment for this story.