Expert tips for driving in the snow

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The cold weather is keeping tire shops busy. Summer tires are coming off and snow tires are going on. Bob Shields told NEWS8, “I’m having my daughter’s tires put on, her winter tires.

She has a Subaru  but even though it is an all-wheel drive car and she has all-season tires I am a firm believer that winter tires are the way to go.”

Fran Mayko with AAA Northeast said winter tires are a must. Mayko said, “Winter tires with the deeper treed are far more effective in the middle of a snow storm.” People waiting in line for service say snow tires can make a big difference.

Bob Shields said, “I’ve had experience with all wheel drive cars, four wheel drive cars and winter tires are the way to go. It will still take as long to get home but you know you will get home.” Get your car checked before you hit the road.

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Mayko added, “Have your battery checked. Have a good set of windshield wipers and make sure that your tires are properly inflated.” Use caution when driving. “Most important is to slow down and reduce your speed. Second would be to keep your distance between you and the person in front of you. And third see and be seen,” said Mayko. 

Robin Schaffer said, “If you don’t have the right tires or the right skill set try not to drive.” Mayko said have emergency kit in your car. “A blanket, extra mittens, a hat and hopefully you are already wearing a heavy coat,” she told NEWS8. Robin Schaffer said, “I consider myself a good driver I think you have to slow down.”

Some people got ready for the snow early this year.  Schaffer said, “I am prepared. I have my Jeep and I asked my husband to make sure we had the shovels ready.” Jennifer Deleonardis told NEWS8, “I have four wheel drive so I’m ready. I have a Honda Pilot. I’m ready for it.”

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