NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– If you’re looking for something to do with the kids this summer, don’t forget about your local library. New Haven’s public library system is stepping up with new summer programs and longer hours.

New Haven’s libraries have a theme this summer. It’s Health and fitness, so that means more than just reading.

“At this particular branch, at Stetson Branch, we will be having many individuals from the community that will be coming in and working with our youth and our teens,”  said Diane Brown, Branch Manager of New Haven’s Stetson branch.

With programs both inside and outside the buildings. The city’s four branch libraries will be open Saturdays this summer to help keep kids busy. The Mayor says she is determined to have New Haven become “The City that Reads,” so that fitness theme extends to reading as well.

“We will also have books that go alongside of every program,” Brown said. “We will talk about healthy eating, why do you need to eat healthy, we will talk about diabetes, high blood pressure, which runs in a lot of African-American families.”

To keep track of all that reading, the libraries are using a website called Wandoo Reader, which tracks your child’s reading. They can then earns them points, which can me worth rewards at the end of the summer. The libraries work closely with city day camps. Those camps are now mostly full, but if your kids are not in a camp, they are still welcome at the library.

“They’ll never close to any child that comes walking into the library,” said Brown. “They’re always open to everyone.”

In New Haven, the branch libraries will now be open on Saturdays for the rest of the summer. Not this Saturday, however. New Haven’s libraries will be closed this Saturday through Monday for the long holiday weekend.