NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – A New Haven family is marking a sad anniversary. Seven years ago Tuesday, a gunman took the life of 16-year-old athlete Jericho Scott. His family and police are still searching for suspects and clues all these years later.

On this anniversary of his death, and every day, Jericho is still everywhere in his parents’ apartment.

“This is what we feel daily,” said his father, Leroy Scott. “The hurt, the pain, the anguish.”

On April 19, 2015, 16-year-old Jericho Scott was shot and killed in an unsolved, drive-by shooting. He happened to see someone he knew in a parked car, just as the shooter drove around the corner.

Officials offer $50,000 reward for information on fatal 2015 shooting in New Haven

“He was walking by, the driver jumped out, he jumped in to just shake hands with the passenger and that’s when the shooting occurred,” said his mother, Nicole Scott. “He was literally in the car for 30 seconds.”

News 8 first introduced the public to Jericho in 2008. His baseball league had banned him from pitching for being too intimidating. He was nine years old. He went on to be a standout athlete until his death. The trophies are still in his parents’ home.

Even though it has been seven years without an arrest, Nicole and Leroy Scott do not blame the police. In fact, they are working closely with them, and vice versa. Everyone involved knows this is not a case of a lack of investigation, but a lack of people willing to come forward with information.

“It’s a senseless loss of life, and I know there’s people out there who know exactly what happened,” said Sgt. Bertram Etienne, the New Haven Police Department detective assigned to the case.

“And that’s not fair to Jericho, because, if the shoe was on the other foot, Jericho would be saying everything he could to help that family,” Leroy said.

Etienne is urging people to do the right thing and come forward.

“Because it’s still your community, and it could be you, or it could be your son, or daughter, or parent, your friend,” he said. “You have to want to get involved and care about the next person.”

A Justice for Jericho march planned for this Saturday will encourage the same thing, as well as better choices.

“When people are making decisions with guns that they think about the devastation they cause to people,” Nicole said. “Just stop and think about it, it’s not really worth it.”

The Justice for Jericho march beings at 11 a.m. Saturday from Chapel Street Park.