HAMDEN, Conn. (WTNH) — More blue and gold apparel is flooding the streets of the greater New Haven area following the Quinnipiac University hockey team’s national victory.

The Bobcats took home its first national championship in the hockey team’s history when it beat Minnesota on Saturday night.

Tuesday, clothing touting the victory arrived at Quinnipiac University’s bookstore — along with an influx in customers.

“It’s a huge contrast,” said Craig Schuelae, the operations manager for the bookstore. “Days before this, a normal day, you get the people that come in. It’s comfortable. We need one cashier. When this happens, we need all the registers going. The lines are to the back of the store. They’re calling everybody in to see what times they can come in to help out.”

Despite the long lines, fans were ready to get their items.

“Oh my God, it’s extremely important,” said Isabella Silva, a senior. “I think it’s stuff we’re gonna remember forever. Everyone was so excited, and it’s so exciting to see all the merch and stuff. Bobcats like champions and stuff. I think it’s the kind of stuff we’re gonna remember forever. I wanna keep this a long time.”

Championship hats will arrive Wednesday.

The video below aired in our 9 p.m. broadcast on April 11, 2023.